Are you a career coach or consultant?

To the coach and consultant who yearns to connect with clients you know you’re a better fit for: How are you able to increase your reach and build your brand to have a schedule packed with ideal clients?

Write a book.

“The Business Impact of Writing a Book,” a 2006 survey of business owners who wrote and published a book reported
• 96%- a positive impact on their business and would recommend it
• 84% – an improvement in differentiating their services
• 63% – helped generate new clients
• 56% – a strong influence on their ability to cultivate more leads
• 53% – able to charge higher fees
Before you have a chance to see these results, you must have a polished manuscript. Hiring a ghostwriter can eliminate the heavy lifting of writing a book. A ghostwriter is a huge advantage to the process. I facilitate the writing of your stories, knowledge, and experience.
When we’re finished, you’ll have a polished manuscript that is ready to submit to agents or a publishing service. As a certified ghostwriter, I’ve helped over ten authors get their story out of their head, find the right words for it, and edit it for others to read.
It all starts with a free consultation to discuss your book. From there we’ll analyze, organize, ghostwrite, line-edit, proofread, and code your manuscript. I also offer consultation for publishing and creating book marketing plans.
Once you’ve decided on a publishing path, you’ll be able to market your book where your ideal client is likeliest to see it. Your ideal client will pick it up and read it, getting to know you before they’ve ever met you.
As they read, they’ll want to connect with you. Through your book, they’ll learn more about you and how you can help them overcome their career challenges.
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