Why You Should Hire a Fiction Ghostwriter

Do you have an idea for a fiction manuscript?

Not sure how to tackle it?

Did you know there are fiction ghostwriters out there?

Ghostwriting isn’t just for non-fiction, or for business books!

Cyn Balog, young adult author, is also a fiction ghostwriter. Cyn and I discuss the differences between what you would expect for a non-fiction project and what to expect for a fiction project.

The biggest difference, to me, was how fast a fiction project can go. When I work with a non-fiction, business book author, we usually start with ideation. We work almost from scratch and build a polished manuscript from there. With Cyn, and the projects she normally works with, the idea and plot are mostly set when they get to her. In fact, she says, she’s able to finish an entire manuscript in about a month.

I envy her!

Not only that, she writes under own name!

If you need a fiction manuscript, connect with Cyn Balog at cynbalog.com and on Facebook!