Why is Personal Development Important?

Why is personal development important?

Jaime Morocco joins me on this episode of The Career Challenges Podcast.

Jaime not only teaches personal fitness, but she digs into each client’s personal health and biology. Working with her leads to a tailored personal fitness and nutrition plan. We didn’t have enough time to cover all the specifics, but it’s obvious Jaime has a passion for helping her clients like none other. Most personal trainers I know will help with the physical side and work on form. Jaime will help you understand your own biology and how to work with it to create a healthy lifestyle.

I learned a lot, though I’m sure I’m missing the true depth of Jaime’s expertise.

Jaime also shares her journey from trainer to Silicon Valley entrepreneur and back to trainer. Along the way she’s studied thought leaders in the health and fitness industry. Then she’s gone further!

Another big topic we got to talk about – stress. I learned from her that everybody’s body copes differently with stress. The effects are rarely a good thing though.

Given our current situation with the Coronavirus, I’d encourage all my listeners to work on their health and find positive ways to handle stress. Be sure to reach out to Jaime as well to help with your personal fitness journey.