What do I look for in a non-fiction project? 3/4/19

Non-fiction projects can vary widely. The topic can also be very dry.

But if the author is passionate about the subject, like elk, then I can get on board with that.

Bottom line; be passionate about what you’re writing!

What do I look for in a fiction project? 3/4/19

When it comes to fiction, the originality of the idea is not what draws me in. It’s whether the author has the drive to see the project through.

The power of YOUR story 3/4/19

Your story has power.

It will be useless if you do not share it!

How much does a ghostwriter typically charge? 3/4/19

Discover the process for determining the timeline of a project, and therefore, the cost of it.

The First Page, The First Mile 3/4/19

What’s it feel like when you sit down to start your book?

What’s it feel like when you’re about to start running?

For me, the common sensation is intimidation. If I let it overcome me, then nothing gets done. Consistently showing up every day to write and run is the only way you’re going to make it to the finish line.

One of my favorite writing quotes 3/4/19

Here’s one of my favorite writing quotes and why it matters so much to me.

Do this to get into your writing groove 3/4/19

When it comes to writing, and consistently writing, having a warm-up activity will help get you into the groove must faster, access your creative side, and increase your productivity every day.

Can your story change someone’s opinion? 3/4/19

Your story has a lot of potential. Don’t believe me?

Listen to this story to learn how yours truly discovered this truth for himself.

Your book as an FAQ 3/4/19

Why use your book to answer frequently asked questions?

Your book is going to be full of knowledge, and more importantly, stories. These stories will go a long way in solidifying your expertise in the minds of your readers and target audience.

Why I ghostwrite 3/4/19

Why do I write books for other people?

I do enjoy helping people and I do enjoy writing. Ghostwriting is the natural intersection of these two ideals, as well as the importance of story.

Here’s the quick rundown of how I found myself as a ghostwriter.

Have a grievance against someone in your story? 3/4/19

Have a grievance against someone in your story? Detailing why they’re a horrible person will only make you look bad, and it does your audience a disservice. The best option here is to present the situation honestly and let the readers decide for themselves.

Your Book’s ROI 2/25/19

Your book, though a great way to increase your brand, will not create a fortune for you. It’s what you use it for that will determine your book’s return-on-investment.

So why hire a ghostwriter? 2/4/19

Ghostwriting is not a service for the super-rich. It’s a service that anyone can utilize to tell their story. But if you can just do the writing yourself, why hire one?

THE Best Writing Advice- 1/27/19

The WHY and the WHAT of your writing mean nothing if you don’t know HOW to write. Save yourself some time, skip the classes, forgo the degree and do this instead.

Ashy Elbows- 2/4/19

Why should you be concerned about ashy elbows? And what are ashy elbows?

And what do they have to do with writing a manuscript?

Bobby and JJ Radio Show- 12/3/17

I got the chance to sit down and answer a few questions about ghostwriting with Bobby and JJ. It was a lot of fun, got to laugh some, and ultimately, I got to hear stories from two really great real estate agents.

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