Turn “Maybe” into “I Will”

Would it help to learn financial planning?

Shouldn’t it be taught in schools?

Does it apply to every profession…even personal trainers?

Nelson Toriano, my guest for this episode of The Career Challenges Podcast, teaches financial planning, specifically for those in the personal training industry. Once part of a tech start-up, Nelson wasn’t one to stay still all day. Feeling the desire to move, Nelson returned to his athletic roots and sought to make a career out of personal training.

During our conversation, I learned the attrition rate for trainers is above 90%. That’s scary.

Whilst working in the corporate world, Nelson learned all about financial planning. These skills were applied to his coaching business and Nelson was able to find financial stability.

Being “just” a personal trainer isn’t enough for someone like Nelson Toriano; he’s written and published a book, For the Fit But Poor Personal Trainer. In it he teaches trainers how to re-invest in their business, create a solid plan, and keep training.

I’ve already recommended his book to a few personal trainer friends of mine!