Thriving Where You Are

Episode three of The Career Challenges Podcast found me talking with Caroline Tompson.

Caroline runs Social Granola, a copywriting and organic marketing firm. As an organic marketing guru, Caroline had a lot of advice and suggestions for helping companies utilize social media at a low cost to grow their reach.

Based in Mobile, Alabama, Caroline has some valuable advice for freelancers and creatives who want to create their own businesses in different places. She did spend some time in Los Angeles, but circumstances brought her back to her hometown of Mobile. What others would call a ‘setback,’ Caroline just saw it as another challenge to solve. For that reason, she’s been able to found a company with clients all over the United States and location is not an issue!

We also talked at length about small businesses and when it becomes necessary to hire freelancers as they grow. While I am running a professional ghostwriting company, I’m still a ‘one man’ operation. Her advice and experience will be helpful for me when I do find myself in need of freelancers.


Transcript coming soon