Think More, Care More, LIVE More

Do you want to think less?

What if that involved thinking more?

Do you want to live more?

My guest for this episode is Marquez Mosher. Marquez’s passion project is to expand upon his philosophy of “Think more, Care more, Live more.” He’s striving to help others to think more about the life they want to live, care more about their own well-being, and ultimately, to live more.

Marquez’s passion is infectious and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to hear him talk about the TCLM concept and his Facebook group he’s seeking to expand. We also got to talk about personality tests and our shared dislike of words like “fine” and “sure.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Marquez Mosher, then check out his consultancy site, Vision Perspectives. If you want to Think More, Care More, LIVE More then I recommend his Facebook group. It was through this group that we met and I’m glad I joined the group as I’ve learned so much from Marquez.

Listen in and enjoy!

Transcript coming soon.