The Importance of Being You

Who are you?

Do you find yourself in a new job without the “experience” others have?

Is someone telling you to act a certain way so you’ll fit in, or at least be perceived as a professional?

Stacy Havener joins me on episode 39 of The Career Challenges Podcast.

Stacy is the founder and CEO of Havener Capital Partners. She works with mutual and investment funds, handling the moving of huge amounts of money.

Yet, Stacy didn’t study investing or come from a family of investors. Stacy got the job through her soccer coach and learned how to do it on the fly. From the beginning, Stacy utilized her skills as a storyteller to set the stage and get the “yes” from clients.

As if that is not amazing enough, she told me her mission with Havener Capital Partners is to reclaim 1% of the $17 trillion out there in the investing world. How much is that? Listen in to find out.

And remember, the world needs you to be you. Stacy’s proof of that.