The Entrepreneur Way

I had the opportunity to guest on The Entrepreneur Way Podcast, hosted by Neil Ball.

The episode debuted on September 14 (I was so busy I didn’t notice the days flying by).

Neil has a great way of connecting with guests, getting conversations going, and conveying the value of every one of his guests. I learned a lot from him about how to set up guest interviews.

And of course, I got to talk a lot about ghostwriting; mindsets, reasons for ghostwriting, methodology, and examples. And Neil, being a great host, was asking a lot of great questions to get the conversation going and sustain a fun dialogue. I also got off on a few tangents here and there. Given I was the guest, however, I didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to wax poetic and philosophical about ghostwriting.

Neil also delves into my backstory. While it’s not exciting or dramatic, it was a good opportunity to talk about my journey, which is always fun.

Listen here!