The Cost of Your Time

Can you do everything for your business?

If you’re doing everything, are you focusing on what you’re truly good at?

What’s the cost of doing it all yourself?

I welcome Greg Bray, President of Blue Tangerine, as my guest for this episode of The Career Challenges Podcast. Greg took over as President of Blue Tangerine in 2006, only a couple of years before the sub-prime mortgage bubble burst. He’s honest about learning a few lessons the hard way when it comes to running a business during a bleak economy.

You see, Blue Tangerine creates websites and marketing collateral for home builders and specialty retailers. These two niches were hit first, and the hardest, when the recession started. Greg had to make some hard choices during that time and because of that, he’s here to share what he’s learned. Now that the economy is stronger, he’s switching his focus from “survival” to “growth.”

The discussion led to building a company from the ground up. At first, you’re doing much of the work yourself. It’s easy to assume that doing everything yourself will save you money. Greg argues a counterintuitive point; by doing it all yourself to save money, you’re costing your business more money.

You’ll have to listen in to hear Greg’s insight on how to solve this specific issue. Along the way, you’ll hear a lot more valuable insights and lessons from Greg Bray.


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