What do I look for in a fiction project?

Writing fiction is slightly different than writing non-fiction. My rule for non-fiction still applies here; as long as the author is passionate about the material, then I’m on board. While non-fiction involves research, the fiction equivalent is brainstorming. Fiction books need to follow their own internal logic. On the surface, this sounds simple enough. But […]

Murphy’s Law

Writing and publishing your book is a lengthy task.It is also not without its share of problems. Murphy’s Law sums it up nicely- If it can go wrong, it will go wrong, and at the worst possible moment. There are the times when it feels as though life is conspiring to keep you from writing, […]

Your Book’s ROI

Let’s just pull off the bandaid quickly here- Your book will not be making you a fortune. You’ll write it, edit it, labor over the words and structure, polish it, publish it…and you won’t be seeing a lot of money off of the book itself. Sure, you’ll sell copies. You might even make the best-seller […]

What do I look for in a non-fiction project?

The certification course, offered through California State University at Long Beach, covered both fiction and non-fiction ghostwriting. When I took the course, the first semester was non-fiction and the second semester was fiction. Now the course has been adjusted so that fiction and non-fiction is done simultaneously.Thankfully, I missed that schedule because focusing on just […]

Who Would Want to Write a Book?

The digital age is upon us, and things are becoming more and more…digital. With that, there is the ongoing argument over whether print books and books in general, still have a place in society. More specifically, a place in the business world. If you can download content on your smartphone in seconds, and consume content […]

So Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

A Common Question It’s a simple question, but it helps to start here when explaining “ghostwriting” to a new client. Sometimes they know a little, sometimes they know a lot, and sometimes they know nothing. Let’s start with the basics then… If you’re busy, but still need a book written, then hire a ghostwriter. If […]

What Does a Ghostwriter Typically Charge?

How Does it Work? Ghostwriters are providing a service. And they’re usually not going to get any credit for that service either. It’s in the name “ghostwriting service.” A professional ghostwriting company requires cash to come in to keep the operation going. If there was no income for this, it’d be a glorified hobby. While […]

Why do I Ghostwrite?

A Good Question… I enjoy writing books. But why would I want to help others write books and not get credit for it? Why set up ghostwriting services and a professional ghostwriting company to write for others? The short answer is I have a strong desire to help people. And I like to write. Ghostwriting […]

Traditional or Self-Publishing?

So Many Choices A big question that every author encounters, and even the would-be authors who haven’t written a word yet, is which route is better? Traditional or Self-Publishing? The real question you need to be asking yourself is “How much control do I really want over my project?” For those who are okay with […]

THE Best Writing Advice

So You Want to be a Writer? If you want to write better, find your voice, your writing style… You don’t need to take a class. Sure, taking a class has benefits, but you will find it taking up your time and money. There’s a better way. You can also get a degree. Spend a […]