How to Simplify Business

Is business complicated? Or do we make it complicated? This episode is a first for me as I welcome Brian Benavides back to The Career Challenges Podcast. We get to expand and elaborate on a few key insights he shared with me during our first recording. The first outing felt more like an introduction, as … Continue reading How to Simplify Business

Finding the Right Talent

My guest for episode eight of The Career Challenges Podcast is Marc Adams. Marc is a partner at Masc Medical. Masc Medical helps recruit physicians and healthcare experts in the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area. We got to talk about the inner workings of the field and how his expertise comes into play during the recruiting process. … Continue reading Finding the Right Talent

Assessing Behavioral Strengths

What's your dominant behavioral strength? How can you utilize this to expand your horizons? In episode six of The Career Challenges Podcast, I talk with Brian Benavides about such things. Brian is the Founder and President of Omega Strategic Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in training and management coaching in the healthcare industry. One of … Continue reading Assessing Behavioral Strengths

Thriving Where You Are

Episode three of The Career Challenges Podcast found me talking with Caroline Tompson. Caroline runs Social Granola, a copywriting and organic marketing firm. As an organic marketing guru, Caroline had a lot of advice and suggestions for helping companies utilize social media at a low cost to grow their reach. Based in Mobile, Alabama, Caroline … Continue reading Thriving Where You Are