Small Business Success

What does it take to be successful as a small business owner?

Is the answer easy?

I get to chat with David Somerfleck, a digital marketing specialist. He’s semi-retired and has a lot of actionable advice to share.

During our conversation, I noticed his frankness on the topic. David has been a digital marketer for over twenty years and he’s seen many businesses succeed. He’s also seen a lot of them fail. As a digital marketer, and as a small-business consultant as well, David has learned what it takes for businesses to make it. And as a consultant, he’s seen advice gone unheeded. As a result, the company goes under.

It’s not easy to hear it sometimes, but I’m thankful for David’s honesty. Setting up and running a business is difficult. With advice from David, however, entrepreneurs and small-business owners will have greater chances to make it.

David is also the host of the Blue Monday Podcast. I highly recommend it!


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