Shifting Our Mindset

What’s your mindset?

Is it an employee mindset?

Is it an entrepreneur mindset?

On episode eight of The Career Challenges Podcast, I talk with Daniel Gomez of Daniel Gomez Enterprises.

A fellow resident of the greatest city, San Antonio, Daniel and I got to talk about the importance of one’s mindset. As a motivational speaker, Daniel has the opportunity to talk with people all over about changing their lives and their careers.

He also does training, which makes sense, as he found his passion for public speaking as a trainer. Hailing from a teaching background, I can empathize. Training and teaching are similar in many ways. They also provide a great starting point for many other careers.

Like becoming a certified ghostwriter, for example!

If the mindset isn’t there, however, then it doesn’t matter where you start because you may never leave that job. Daniel has an insightful explanation for the different types of mindsets he’s come across and how they can positively – or negatively – influence one’s career trajectory.

Make sure to listen all the way to the end for a special perk from Daniel to those who listen to the episode.


Transcript coming soon!