Redefine Failure

Do you lament your failures?

Do you worry about repeating them?

What if you redefined failure to mean “a step towards success”?

This episode of The Career Challenges Podcast, it was my pleasure to welcome Contessa Louise Cooper. Contessa is a business coach and mentor. Her clients are wide-ranging, both in industry and physical location. The main focus of her coaching endeavors is to help entrepreneurs grow their business.

While I’m a certified ghostwriter, working with clients to create industry-standard manuscripts, Contessa is a “ghostwriter of virtual summits.”

She’s been putting on events since she was 16! And while she did have a bad experience with another summit, this only fueled her passion to learn about these unique events and to improve the experience for others. With that in mind, Contessa hosts her own summits, as well as putting them on for other clients. Contessa runs the whole show, and sometimes doesn’t even take credit for it!

We also got to talk about her writing and books. She’s self-published four and there are more in the works.

The biggest topic of conversation was her upcoming summit, Be Whole Be Free Summit, which is next week! It’s free and from August 12-17, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from over forty speakers covering a wide range of topics. Check it out!

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Transcript coming soon.