Promoting Self-Awareness

How can meditation help your mental health?

Can meditation help your career?

Episode 17 of The Career Challenges Podcast welcomes Jeff Munn as my guest.

Jeff is a developer of extraordinary futures. His clients are executives running companies ranging from startups to well-established corporations. These executives, while more than capable to perform their role, seek out his help to develop their skills as a leader.

I asked if he did “just one session” with his clients and he joked that he’d be out of business if all it took was one session. He even quotes the great Bob Newhart’s sketch. Bob’s unique approach is to yell at his clients “stop it!”

Jeff’s approach is not so abrasive.

During our recording session, he actually taught me a few insights into meditation. And while it was great stuff, I had to rein myself in. This wasn’t my personal meditation session!

It’s a conversation between a certified ghostwriter and a licensed career coach.

Sometimes I get caught up in the conversation and forget that.

We also share a few other laughs along the way.


Transcript coming soon!

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