Power of Networking

Is networking a four-letter word in your lexicon?

Is there a way to make networking “work?”

Let me introduce Nadia Noel-Anglade, the Chief Networking Officer of The Networking Embassy.

From the beginning, Nadia’s energy and enthusiasm were infectious! I enjoyed getting to talk to her and hear her story. Originally hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, Nadia came to the US as a student. Somewhere in there, I’m not sure when, she went to charm school (yes, they still exist). This helped her approach social situations more easily.

In truth, Nadia already had “it” when it came to connecting with people and talking to them. But like all of us, Nadia had to find this out for herself. Luckily, another leader recognized her talent and prodded her to dig into it and develop it.

And a rare opportunity came up as I got to rib her about her journey. Just listen for “This isn’t the career that-wasn’t-that-hard podcast!”

We also discuss speaking engagements, both the good and the bad.

Listen in and I’m sure you’ll learn something!

Transcript coming soon!