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So why hire a ghostwriter?

What’s the difference between a Ghostwriter and a Certified Ghostwriter?

What do ghostwriters’ typically charge?

Why do you ghostwrite?

Traditional or self-publishing?

Best writing advice.

Sans Forgetica, fad or major industry game changer?

Why choose to self-publish?

Why choose NOT to self-publish?

Why choose the traditional publishing route?

Why choose NOT to go the traditional publishing route?

16,000,000 books ready to ship and/or download. How will yours stand out?

Do I have samples of work I’ve ghostwritten? No, and here’s why.

What are the steps to starting a ghostwriting project?

What’s the process of ghostwriting a book?

What do I look for in a non-fiction project?

What do I look for in a fiction project?

How long, generally, does it take to ghostwrite a book?

What about a book proposal?

Writing a book is like running a (half) marathon.

How can a book help your personal, professional, and business brand?

How much “stuff” do you need before you begin writing a book?

Why should you get an ISBN?

Writing a non-fiction instructional guide? You need to add this one thing…

Is an independent publisher a better choice over a “big name” publisher?

Can a Ghostwriter guarantee a manuscript will get picked up?

Stats on what a book can do for your business, part 1

Stats on how a book can help your business. Part 2

Stats on how a book can help your business. Part 3

Stats on how a book can help your business, part 4

Stats on how a book can help your business, part 5

Use your book as a calling card.

The free consultation

What’s an A&R?

Instead of a New Year’s Resolution to “write a book,” do this…

The First Page, The First Mile

What do you do when you hit the wall?

What should you focus on when you’re writing your book?

Write your book by recording yourself talk about it.

Marketing tips for self-published books

What are agents and editors looking for in first-time authors?

Don’t out-write your creativity. Here’s what I mean…

Gillette’s “The Best a Man Can Get” rebranding, what does it mean?

My favorite superhero and why he can’t get respect.

One of my favorite quotes on reading

Can a story change your attitude towards someone?

Take care of the ashy elbows of your manuscript. Here’s how…

Have a grievance against someone in your story?

Are your experiences making you new?

The 40% rule

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