Plans and Intuition

Are you stepping out as an entrepreneur?

Do you have a financial plan in place?

What about when you scale your company?

Nanci Watkins, accountant, and owner of JNS Financial of the Emerald Coast joins me on this episode of The Career Challenges Podcast.

We talk about how, as a single mother, Nanci grew her business to six figures in one year! Her story is interesting, educational, and not without its challenges. We also discuss scaling a business. For Nanci, she’s a planner, yet she is keenly aware of the importance of intuition. Planning and intuition are both important in starting, maintaining, and running a business.

Make sure to listen for the tangent where we talk about how “scaling” is thrown around and what it really means. Good stuff there.

Lastly, Nanci has a special discount on Quickbooks for entrepreneurs.