Picking Your Path

Are you ready to be an entrepreneur?

How do you integrate that into your life?

What if you just want a side-hustle?

I get to welcome Tom Sylvester of Lifestyle Builders for the 23rd episode of The Career Challenges Podcast.

Tom and his wife Ariana, run a coaching and consulting firm with the goal of helping people plan their path to entrepreneurship. It’s not enough to want to become one, you need a plan.

But Tom doesn’t simply hand out a list of things to do and how to do them, he works 1-on-1 with each client to help them plan their journey. This journey will involve more than transitioning into a business, it’ll involve adapting your lifestyle, your family and more, to a new paradigm. Tom touches on each one during the episode.

Tom and Ariana are also authors! Of course, you know that I’m a certified ghostwriter, so I have to ask him about his book. We get to discuss writing a book with a spouse, thought patterns, work styles, and even reading styles. It’s a lot of fun to listen to.

Transcript coming soon!