Make Your Communication Stick

How can you empower your audience to believe change is possible for them?

Go ask Neil Gordon!

Before you do, listen to this episode of The Career Challenges Podcast where he’s my guest.

Neil has a great story and details his journey to become a communication expert. He helps speakers improve their messages, once in as little as two minutes, by helping them discover their silver bullet idea (it sounds better than a “binding theoretical concept,” which Neil will tell you about). This episode was recorded on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and we delve into the messaging of this great man and how it affected us as well.

And then we get off on tangents that include Monty Python and the Holy Grail, as well as City Slickers.

Finally, once I get back to being a professional, we talk about Neil’s quiz. You can find it here. This quiz will help you determine your type of speaking archetype.

What’s your speaker archetype?