How You Can Help with Podcasting

Ready to learn more about podcasting?

What if you knew how to make show notes, edit, and marketing a podcast?

Would you like to be using your extra time to gain these skills and make a side hustle?

On this special episode of The Career Challenges Podcast, I welcome Gina Horkey. On top of building courses to become a virtual assistant, freelance writer, and project manager, she’s launching the Podcast Publishing School!

Listeners of The Career Challenges Podcast can also download Podcast Publishing School at a discount, just use Kyle$100 at checkout.

Hurry, the code won’t be active forever!

Go here to get started with Podcast Publishing School:

There is also a free resource for those who are curious and want to find out more before committing;

Gina and I also talk about where podcasting is heading, other courses you can enroll in, and share our favorite podcasts to listen to.