How to Publish Like a Pro

Self-publishing is believed to be an easy route to getting your book out there.

Yet so many authors are taken in with companies that will take your money and put out a terrible product.

But not Michele DeFilippo.

Michele runs 1106 Designs and graciously joins me on this episode of The Career Challenges Podcast.

Listen in to learn about the many steps an author needs to take; fonts (we talk at length on this), layout, formatting, and best of all, marketing! Michele has been doing this for decades and her wealth of knowledge is second to none.

Throughout our conversation, I picked up on her desire to ensure an author’s book isn’t squandered or relegated to the dark corners of the internet. She deeply cares for her clients’ work and is laboring to give their book it’s the best shot of making an impact.

Don’t let your book, or your story, suffer from a cheap self-publishing “service.” There are plenty of professionals, like Michele, who will work with you to give you and your story a fighting chance at making the impact you desire.