How to Feel Understood

How can reading help us to understand?

Does reading books enable us to understand ourselves better?

It’s my privilege to have Dennis Ross as my guest for this episode of The Career Challenges Podcast. Dennis is a fellow ghostwriter, working with venture capitalists through

We discuss how second place is probably the best place to be, how a trifecta was necessary for the San Antonio Spurs to achieve multiple championships, and most importantly, being understood. I promise all of those elements are woven together throughout our conversation!

The key takeaway, and there are many in this episode, is the need for stories to help us understand ourselves better. Writing, publishing, and reading books promotes empathy around the world. Books provide a means for everyone to learn a little bit more about something new, specifically people and different viewpoints. By reading, we’re granted a chance to see through someone else’s eyes. This is how empathy is engendered.

The best books, as Dennis points out, provide a way for us to understand ourselves better. Gaining emotional intelligence this way allows us to empathize better.

Honesty is vital to this process and Dennis and I discuss that in the episode.

What books have helped you to understand?