How to Build Resilience

The ability to recover readily from depression, adversity, or something similar, is to be resilient.

As the coronavirus continues to affect the global stage, many thought leaders are calling for resilience.

How do you build resilience?

Dr. Taryn Marie Stejkel joins me on this week’s episode of The Career Challenges Podcast. Dr. Marie is the Chief Resilience Officer at Resilience Leadership. She coaches leaders on building up resilience in their teams and daily actions.

We dive into the concept of resilience. We even borrow from kids’ movies for an example or two!

Dr. Marie shares actionable steps, as well as her own experience and how she developed her own resilience skills. It’s not easy, but for those who wish to reach their goals, overcome challenges, and achieve success, resilience is key.

Listen in and I’m sure you’ll learn something new to help you keep going as we continue to navigate a burgeoning new world.