How to Blend Analysis and Creativity

Can you be creatively analytical and analytically creative?

Combining these two polar opposites seems impossible.

There are people who thrive on this paradox!

Please welcome Mary Henderson as my guest for this episode of The Career Challenges Podcast!

Mary is a personal branding and social selling specialist, check out her website. She helps service-based entrepreneurs, startups, business owners, and corporate executives to digitalize their knowledge. The key, as Mary pointed out to me during the recording, is conveying how you solve a problem for a specific market. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, and Mary even explained to me how she’s been able to blend both analysis and creativity to help her clients reach their target audiences.

Being creatively analytical and analytically creative is a balancing act, something that Mary and I discuss at length in the episode. It’s not something professionals can shy away from, however. Which is why experts like Mary are vital to helping you find how to convey your message to your target audience.

We also get to talk about her experience meeting Muhammed Ali, how writing led to a major breakthrough for her, and my dislike of golf!