Finding Your Edge

How can you tell your story?

How can you literally talk about your story?

Enter Lonnee Rey, my guest for episode 41 of The Career Challenges Podcast. She’s been all over the world, and has a life story that brings hope to everyone who hears it.

Lonnee helps authors reach bestseller status on Amazon by helping them position their books and market them effectively.

She also trains people to be effective guests on podcasts. We got to talk about that and she let me vent about frustrations with guests. She also shares her favorite moments and worst podcasting experiences.

All good stuff.

Throughout our conversation, she’s quick to point out what you need to do to share your message. “It all begins with the ‘who’ that is ‘you’ behind the ‘what’ that you do‚Ķand the ‘how,’ your special sauce!”

Check out her website, and find out how you can become a better podcast guest.