Find the Passion

Can you write a book on anything?

Even if the subject is “boring”?

I argue that you can.

Jeffrey Mangus of Ghostwriting USA agrees with me too!

On this episode of The Career Challenges Podcast, Jeff and I discuss how ghostwriters work with clients, specifically, tackling subject matter that many would consider not interesting. Ultimately, it matters if the author is passionate about the subject matter.

Someone’s excitement about a topic can be infectious. It also makes it easier to work with them and find the story they want to tell.

Jeff and I also discuss how we determine if a client is a good fit. If the client is new to ghostwriting, that doesn’t really matter. The client could never have heard of a ghostwriter and it still wouldn’t matter. Clients who recognize the skillset and the value ghostwriters bring are the type of clients we work with.

We also touch on podcasting, as Jeff is also a ghostwriter who podcasts. And here I thought I was the only one!