Failure and Success

Are failure and success intertwined?

Can you learn from your failures?

Can you start a podcast that talks about nothing but failure and success?

Paul Padmore says “yes” to all three!

Paul Padmore also happens to be my guest on The Career Challenges Podcast to talk about failure and success. Paul is a fellow podcaster, hosting the podcast My Perfect Failure. Paul welcomes guests from all over to discuss their failures, what they’ve learned from them, and how they attained succeed because of these failures.

Paul and I discuss failure extensively during this episode as well!

We also get distracted with other topics;

Why does San Antonio, TX get overlooked?

Why don’t the San Antonio Spurs get the respect they’re due?

What’s ghostwriting and how does it work?

Can we get Basingstoke, UK on the global map?

And finally, can we get a representative of Southampton FC on My Perfect Failure?

It was a great conversation, I really enjoyed getting to talk with Paul. And of course, after you listen to this episode, go check out My Perfect Failure!

Find out more about My Perfect Failure:


Transcripts coming soon.