End the Stigma

Is it difficult to talk about suicide?

Thanks to professionals like Dr. Lindsay Weisner, it’s getting easier to talk about it.

This episode of The Career Challenges Podcast runs the gamut of light and heavy discussion. I don’t mind though, as Dr. Weisner had a lot of good topics and stories to bring to the podcast. And she’s also the author of Ten Steps to Finding Happy.

Her goal is to #endthestigma of talking about suicide and those who struggle with it.

I’m with her 100%!

While this is a podcast about careers, stories, publishing, and book marketing, all of those are meaningless if there is no goal to be reaching for. Dr. Weisner’s career, stories, publishing path, and book marketing are centered around ending the stigma of talking about suicide. It’s a heavy topic but Dr. Weisner does a great job of pointing out the benefits of her work and how it’s helping others.

So please- please!- if you’re struggling with suicide or worried that someone you know might be, then listen to this podcast and check out Dr. Lindsay Weisner’s book.