Crafting a Brand Strategy, part 1

What is your brand?

What goes into creating your specific customer experience?

Can it be summed up in a short phrase?

I get to talk with brand-strategist, consultant, entrepreneur, and taco whisperer Scott Porter. This episode of The Career Challenges Podcast is a chance to look inside the process of creating a brand. You’ll notice that Scott draws from his own experience when it came to crafting a brand. True, this will require the work of your team, but when you’re the leader of the organization, you’d better be clear on what your brand is. Scott goes into minute detail as to how and why his brand is built and what a customer should walk away from the experience with.

Scott is also passionate about this. Very passionate!

We talk at length about this and you’ll learn a lot about crafting your brand for your organization.

We don’t get to talk about tacos in this episode but come back for next week’s and you won’t be disappointed!