Coaching Criteria

Ready to take the next step with your business?

Is there someone who can help you do it?

Start-up Coach and Consultant Charlotte Barrett joins me on this episode of The Career Challenges Podcast to explain how one can begin their entrepreneurial journey. Charlotte has a wealth of information and we had a great time talking about coaching and getting businesses off the ground.

I do want to mention that Charlotte graciously took the time to call in all the way from London. We had to coordinate schedules, work, and most importantly, family! A huge “thank you” to Charlotte!

The bulk of our conversation dealt with start-up coaching and how Charlotte helps entrepreneurs, mainly women entrepreneurs, assess and plan for a business. It’s not all academics, nor is it all gut feeling. She expertly balances both whilst leveraging the entrepreneur’s strengths. The biggest indicator of success is a person’s mindset!

We also go off on tangents about parenting, organizing, books to read, her book coming out in January, and the hero’s journey. You’ll have to listen in to find out more.

When you’re done listening, check out Charlotte’s social media profiles, and website.