The Power of YOUR Story

Your story has power.
Why aren’t you telling it?


Your book as an attraction marketing tool

I’m no marketing expert, but I am aware of two types of marketing; inbound and attraction marketing. There are more types, but these are the two that I will be talking about in this post. Feel free to enlighten me in the comments. But back to the first two that I’m the most familiar with; […]

The Book Flyer

Before I became a certified ghostwriter, I was just writing. A “regular writer,” you would say. The distinction is semantic right now, but I did write a lot even before I decided I wanted to have something published. Even in grade school I would write down ideas and tell stories to my family. And when […]

THE Best Writing Advice

So You Want to be a Writer? If you want to write better, find your voice, your writing style… You don’t need to take a class. Sure, taking a class has benefits, but you will find it taking up your time and money. There’s a better way. You can also get a degree. Spend a […]

Ashy Elbows

Looks Matter I’ll admit, I do like to look nice. But there’s a limit to how far I will go. The current “standard” of male-attractiveness aside, I know what I like to wear, what I’m comfortable in, and what I feel makes me look good. Sure, there are the days when I could care less […]