Building Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to become an entrepreneur?

Are you hesitant to start?

I welcome Roland Benson on this episode of The Career Challenges Podcast.

Roland, who founded Benson Design back in 1985, is branching out and launching Entrepreneur Builders. It is Roland’s passion to help 100,000 entrepreneurs make $1,000,000 with their business. Roland has a course he’s set to launch soon and is also speaking at numerous events on the topic.

I highly recommend Roland to any entrepreneur or even someone considering entrepreneurship. His years of experience, as well as his own story, are full of insights and guidance. He’s also fun to talk to, which you’ll hear during this episode.

We also chat about Seth Godin’s book “The Purple Cow,” dyslexia, depression, anxiety, San Antonio, HEB, and how we embarrass our wives. Roland talks with such passion and I can’t wait for the opportunity to see him on stage.

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