Kyle Weckerly


Certified Ghostwriter

I’ve been writing and telling stories for a long time. I even completed two novel-length manuscripts. I tried to find literary agents to represent them, but no one seemed interested. Then I tried self-publishing.
And nothing happened.
I made mistake after mistake when it came to writing, editing, and publishing these books.

Learn from my mistakes!

Before I was a ghostwriter, I was writing content when I discovered the Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program, offered through California State University at Long Beach. After being vetted by Ghostwriting Veteran, Claudia Suzanne, I began the program. For a year I worked to complete assignments, worried that I was one bad assignment away from getting cut from the program.
While I did turn in a couple bad ones, I wasn’t barred from becoming a ghostwriter. Instead, my instructors noted improvement in my work. This came from reading the notes they’d left for me on assignments and doubling down on the class instruction. It was difficult, uncomfortable, and a lot of fun!
By the time I completed the program, 60% of the students who’d started with me had dropped out.

Throughout the course I discovered what I should have done right with my manuscripts. And not just the writing, but the publishing and marketing as well.

Thanks to the certification course, I’ve been able to help so many author’s write their books and navigate the publishing industry.

And there are still more stories to tell



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