Writing and publishing your book is a lengthy task.
It is also not without its share of problems.

Murphy’s Law sums it up nicely- If it can go wrong, it will go wrong, and at the worst possible moment.

There are the times when it feels as though life is conspiring to keep you from writing, publishing, or even just focusing on your book.
I say this because I’m currently dealing with a few situations that are doing a good job of keeping me from writing, let alone doing my job as a ghostwriter. At this time I time I would love to complain and point out some…let’s call them injustices… that are making things needlessly difficult. There are also a few choices I’ve made, both recent and far in the past, that are also affecting my current state.
Dwelling on these bad choices, as well as the injustices that so eagerly plague me and halt my forward progress… wouldn’t solve anything.

Complaining, though oddly comforting, has its place. Sometimes it’s okay to complain. Most of the time, it’s not. Complaining, in the end, really doesn’t help.
It does feel nice though. That little pity party that you throw yourself so you can wallow in the misery that won’t seem to leave. And neither does it seem to want to leave.
But unloading here is a pointless endeavor. I think it would also make me look unprofessional as well.

Making a Shift

My natural tendency towards complaining (aka- observe the gross injustices visited upon me for no legitimate reason) is a bad habit I’m working on changing.
With that in mind, I’ll simply point out what it is that I’m doing instead; getting up every day and reminding myself that this is temporary. Things change. Hell, if the Wright Brothers could figure out powered flight, then it’s possible I’ll be moving past these challenges in the near-future. There are also a ton more examples of people, not that different from me, who overcame their circumstances and prospered.
I’ll leave those examples for another post.
But I will point out that the reason I’m still here, and not quitting or complaining, is because there are still people out there who need help writing, editing, polishing, and publishing their stories. It’s one of the reasons why I started this ghostwriting service in the first place. Until there is undeniable proof that I’m not needed, or that no one on the face of the earth would ever work with me, I’ll keep going.

Why Do You Keep Going?

When you have those moments, when everything that can go wrong has gone wrong, and at the worst possible moment, what’s keeping you from quitting?
It doesn’t have to be some lofty ideal, some high-minded cause. It can be something simple.
While I did mention that I want to help people tell their stories, the foundation of that reason came from somewhere else- pain. The pain of losing a child and never getting to know him. After that I didn’t want to do anything. I lost the drive to be a teacher. I ended up in a funk. Stories helped me get out of that funk and stop wallowing in sorrow and self-pity.
I hope this honesty and vulnerability helps you to realize why you’re doing whatever it is that you want to do.

Les Brown, in one of his many motivational speeches, one I’ve listened to repeatedly, required his audience members to turn to one another. Each took a turn saying out loud a simple phrase; “The world needs your dream.”

The world needs your dream.

So don’t give up on it.

And if you’re not enduring some tough situation, that’s great, but don’t forget why you’re doing it in the first place. If you are, then I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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