Let’s just pull off the bandaid quickly here-

Your book will not be making you a fortune.

You’ll write it, edit it, labor over the words and structure, polish it, publish it…and you won’t be seeing a lot of money off of the book itself.

Sure, you’ll sell copies. You might even make the best-seller list on Amazon for a specific category.

The bulk of the money you’ve spent on your book, however, will not be recouped. And the sooner I can get that understood, the sooner we can focus on the real ROI of your book.


From a business standpoint, your book itself is an investment in something greater.

You’ll invest time and money to get your book made. But the book itself will not be making you money.

It’s what you use your book for that will make you the money.

Writing, publishing, and marketing a book will have a positive impact on your business because the book will be doing the hard work of connecting you to your ideal client. You’ve already decided on who your target audience is and that somewhere in that group of people there are those who would benefit the most from what you do.

By creating a book you’re establishing a way for those ideal clients to connect with you. The book will do the hard work of building trust with them while you continue to work on your business. You can save some time this way because they’ll be reading the book and you’ll be free to focus on other parts of your company. You won’t have to take them all out for coffee to try and convince them you’re good at what you do. The book, when written properly, will do that for you.

It’s a non-threatening way to reach out to these ideal clients.

From there, you’ll be able to close more sales and charge premium prices for your services. As a published author you’ll be in a different category from the rest of your industry. Sure, there’s advertising and such. But a book will establish you as more than “just another (insert industry name here).”

You’ll stop being a commodity.

Of course, all of this talk of marketing and ROI’s will mean nothing if you never write your book.

So get to writing!

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