New Website, and other adventures

Welcome to the new Weckerly Writer website.

My old website was hosted by a cheapo service that was good enough to get the job done. I could create a site and manipulate it easily, but the traffic to it was terrible. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting the numbers that I should be getting.

Naturally, I reached out to the customer service number and explained my position.

The response I got was, basically, “It’s your SEO.”

I would have believes that except I’d had a third-party check it out and the report was that the SEO was solid.

I return to customer service and explain my position, and ask for a website diagnostic from them. The reply was that they don’t do that. But feel free to check out their many and abundant resources on SEO.

I sensed a theme here; their customer service was inadequate and their answer to every problem was to throw SEO at it.

Website traffic was done? Check into the SEO.

Getting an error message when loading a page? It has to be the SEO.

Skin a little flaky? Put SEO on it and it will be positively radiant.

Usually, I’m the sort of person who will want to abuse customer service reps. I worked in the food service for some time and I knew exactly what happens to people who are rude and argumentative in those situations; they may get what they want, but it won’t be sanitary. As gross as that sounds, just remember that the person you straight dissed has access to your food and if you can’t seem to show basic respect for their status as a human being, you get food of questionable quality.

With this is mind, I didn’t unleash a tirade on the unsuspecting person who read the support emails.

Instead, I took the sage advice of Derek Lewis and just started a new website.

And here we are.

As I work to build up my ghostwriting company, and ghostwriting services, the site will improve. In the meantime, you can contact me through email at kylewweckerly [at] gmail [dot] com, on LinkedIn, or by phone at 210-816-2441.

In the meantime, get to writing!


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Kyle Weckerly is a certified ghostwriter based out of San Antonio, TX. Visit, or email him at, to tell him about your book.

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